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"When you truly let go musically, you become the instrument in which the energy of the universe uses to transduce into a musical form, so you yourself becomes the music people feel and hear."

Green Mountain Recording is a private recording studio situated in SE Portland (Oregon). Owned and operated by Mark Monteverdi. 

GMR has been providing services for Portland's fine musical talent since 2003. 

The studio mainly caters to tracking and mixing sessions for rock, indie, blues and solo projects. Green Mountain Recording offers some of the lowest rates without compromising sonic integrity.
It's GMR's goal to provide a laid back creative atmosphere, sonic excellence while producing a competitive commercial recording for today's music business.



Record in a 500sqft tracking room using industrial standard mics, preamps and converters. Track up to 24bit/192khz.



Once the tracking sessions are complete, let's bring out the best in your recording and paint your aural landscape.



All bands need a portrait. GMR can help you with this.  Whether in studio or located off site, we can help make you look your best. 

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