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A studio musician is in essence a musical “gun for hire,” a musician who is paid to play on tracks without actually being a member of the band.  In the studio, time is money. Studio musicians are capable of learning the song quickly and play it as though they were part of the band. It helps to have a great ear, excellent sight-reading skills, or both.


Troy has been active in the Portland music scene for over 25 years.  Starting at the age of 6, he studied jazz theory for 13 years under Larry Adair and is an active musician in the Portland blues circuit working with folks such as Anni Piper and in the past, Robbie Law and David Gofreed. He was a member of many groups such as The Rainbirds, In Repose and Tenesmus.  

Troy is proficient at guitar, bass, sampling and sound design.  He's also available as a consultant on arrangement and compositions. 

Contact for more info

Call/Text: 503-956-9357
Soundcloud: Troy Johnson


Born in San Diego California, Chris has played both the electric and acoustic bass for over 30 years and was a university music major.  He has spent a great deal of his musical career playing a multitude of style such as jazz, rock, flamenco and world fusion. He was a founding member and band leader of the experimental fusion group Zindu down in southern California before moving to Portland in 2008. Here in the Pacific Northwest he has immersed himself in the blues and jazz scenes and has played a multitude of acts such as Hi Fi Mojo, The Ken Hanson Band and also as a studio musician.

Contact for more info

Call/Text: 503-804-2288

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